Strengths – Bamesa



“5,000 active customers on 4 continents.”

BAMESA responds to the competitive demands of its customers

Driven by a commercial optimization on clients’ benefit, BAMESA is permanently focussed on presenting the most competitive solution, the fastest and the quickest resolution, always with a full accomplishment of the customer needs.

  • Customer-Oriented Services: throughout all the production process. Part of BAMESA’s business culture is constantly to seek ways to increase productivity rates.
  • Response Capacity: flat organizational structure, significant production, and storage capacity allow BAMESA to offer maximum flexibility and quick response to any customer’s demand.

“BAMESA’s most significant asset is Its Team.”

The Team

Focused on the client, with a deep and consolidated experience and knowledge of the sector, the team stands for its professionality and dynamism. The team presents to the customer a solid and a reliable source.

“More than 310,000 m2 in storage area.”

Global Logistics

BAMESA acts with its logistics and storage capabilities, in order to fulfill the customer needs, whenever and wherever is needed, offering a global supply chain with local performance.


BAMESA’s know-how, consolidated throughout its 50 years of experience supported by its high technologic cutting and finishing lines, leads to high productivity rates, as well as high quality standards, always focussed on the customized needs of its customers.

Being Global

BAMESA guarantees its customers access to the global steel market. As an independent company, BAMESA selects and deals with the most appropriate steel supplier, for the different material requirements, in every geographic location to meet its customer’s needs.

With this storage capability and flexibility, BAMESA assures materials availability whenever it is needed, even during the most critical periods of the markets.

“BAMESA’s permanent goal is to seek for Excellence.”


BAMESA seeks permanently Excellence, through continuous improvement, better practices, permanent training, research, development, innovation, and constant investments in means, ressources, processes, and technology.

BAMESA is certified under ISO/TS 16949 Quality Norms, under ISO 14001 Environment Norms, and under OHSAS 18001 Norms for Safety and Risk Prevention, having also specific customers’ certifications.

Financial Strength

BAMESA’s economic strength and financial capacity ensure and guarantee the necessary investments in order to follow its customers’ global expansion as well as their global steel needs.

This financial strength, together with BAMESA’s permanent capacity for generating resources and profitability, ensure a continued, long-term relationship with our customers.


Head Offices:Anglí, 92, 08017 Barcelona

Tel. +34 932 541 950 Fax. +34 932 126 910