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BAMESA’s size and strategic location allow us to access the widest range of steel. After carefully analyzing each case with state-of-the-art technology, we are capable of providing the product for each and every request.


The raw material is provided by top steel suppliers after checking its properties and guaranteeing quality.

“We provide a wide range of steel to meet our customers’ needs: thicknesses, mechanical characteristics, coatings, and surface finishings.”

Strip and Processed Coil

The result is obtained by longitudinal cutting from coil. BAMESA is equipped with the latest generation of cutting lines according to the different steel thicknesses.

Min.-Max. Thickness: 0.3-8
Min.-Max. Width: 10-2000


The rectangular sheets are obtained by transversal cutting from coil or strip. We provide advanced technology in cutting lines according to the different steel thicknesses.

Min.-Max. Sheet Thickness: 0.4-20
Min.-Max. Sheet Width: 3-2000


By using the latest generation of cutting lines, we can obtain standard blanks, including very small angles and vertices.

Special Blanks

The Press Blanking Lines (PBL) with steel die cutting allow us to create special sheets adapted to the customer’s stamping process.

Min.-Max. Sheet Thickness: 0.4-3
Min.-Max. Sheet Width: 220-2000

“Tailor Welded Blank technology – laser welding – offers BAMESA’s main customer, the automotive sector, the possibility of reducing costs, decreasing vehicle weight, increasing crash resistance, and improving the precision of the final product.”

Welded Blanks

These are created by the union of steel pieces of different thicknesses and mechanical characteristics with a view to improving the performance/weight relationship of the final piece. It is mainly geared towards the automotive industry.

Surface Finishings

BAMESA uses steel washing and greasing unit with specific oils that are required subsequently in every industrial operation process.

“BAMESA uses steel washing and greasingunit with specific oils that are required subsequently in every industrial operation process.”

Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated and trapezoidal steel. Sheet of a certain length with a specific profile according to its subsequent application (corrugated, squared, trapezoidal). In addition, joints and finishes are produced and delivered in order to improve the finish of the sharp edges and reducing the effects of possible deformations and geometric variations. Configuration C and Z belts are also manufactured according to our customer’s needs.

Heavy plates

We offer different types of heavy plates for use in various sectors, with customized and specific cutting to length, for both the shipyard and renewable energy sectors.


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