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Global Solutions

Global Solutions

BAMESA provides solutions to its customers’ every steel need. These solutions aim to improve our customers’ effectiveness and efficiency, resulting in better profitability. Consulting, technology and customer-oriented services.

BAMESA has a capacity of more than 2.5 million tons of steel per year

  • A team of professionals evaluates and attends to our customers’ needs.
  • A detailed case-by-case analysis of our customers’ requirements.
  • Innovative solutions that increase profitability as a result of improving effectiveness and efficiency in our customers’ industrial processes.
  • Jointly evaluating and analyzing the alternatives in performance and costs.
  • Steel processing in all its dimensional possibilities.
  • The application of strict quality control throughout the whole process.
  • Delivery of the steel within the indicated time limit, fulfilling every demand.

Head Offices:Anglí, 92, 08017 Barcelona

Tel. +34 932 541 950 Fax. +34 932 126 910