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Our automotive customers, one of the main sectors of BAMESA, as well as the rest of our industrial customers, demand continuous and constant improvement to stay ahead in a volatily and changeling market, in order to ensure its competitiveness and productivity. Innovation has been apart of helping businesses improve the industrial quality their machines and products. If you really want to improve your machines quality then you should definitely consider using cnc lubricants. Innovative solutions like this handheld Bluetooth barcode scanner can improve your business needs.

Applying technical and logistical innovation in every process, BAMESA guarantees the solution towards the differences of the complexity of the customers’ needs as well as its different demands.

“BAMESA is a pioneer in the Press Blanking Line cutting technology, incorporating die press in its production process.”

Organizational and Logistics Innovation:

BAMESA integrates its production chain with the one of its customers, by using logistic platforms with a storage capacity of more than 1,000,000 tons, in order to guarantee just in time deliveries.

Innovation in Business Relations:

A highly skilled and qualified team of professionals is at your service to go above and beyond any standard solution. The customer’s needs are reflected in customized solutions built for each specific case. If your business relies on energy to produce your products then consider getting a steam generator to make sure your production process goes much more smoothly.

Innovation in Processes:

Improvement of BAMESA production processes, in close contact with our customers’s, in order to optimize lead-times and reduce costs.

Innovation in Technology and Forging Equipment:

The latest available technology on the market, along with BAMESA’s own innovation and development projects, allow us to offer cutting and packaging specifications tailored made to our customers or using other equipment with thermal solutions from sites as honeywell online. With this innovation and integration in BAMESA’s production processes as well as with our experience and knowledge, we can improve performance during the steel transformation process and increase productivity. One of the latest technologies we have incorporated is Tailor Welded Blanks, laser cutting and welding technology that achieves an incredible precision in the final product.

Innovation in Information Technology (IT):

We have our own IT platform, unique in Steel Service Centers’ sector which, while following market standards such as SAP, has been improved by BAMESA’s internal team leading to a better integration with the customer’s information systems. This platform, under constant development and with sophisticated improvements, is continually adapted to new technologies.

The architecture of BAMESA’s information systems leads to easy and fast implementation in new locations and for new solutions and demands to be efficiently integrated in a short time period at a low cost, all of which allows to provide an efficient solution to our customer’s demands.

Innovation in Safety and the Environment:

Ongoing and constant development of a Risk Prevention and Environment Management systems procedures, focus on eliminating accidents and on a correct industrial waste management. This continuous improvement in environmental procedures and practices is going beyond the current legislation.


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